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Internal Oranienbaum
  • Approximately in 1500, when Rome was expecting apocalypses and pilgrims to mark this important date, and nobody was holding back Raphael and Michelangelo, the parrot-like Portuguese dropped a Chinese apple onto motley European chess board. And everything has glittered out with a new light. Previously Europeans had never seen the orange colour. Valiant Guillaume, loyal knight of Charlemagne, freed the city of Orange from the Saracens, but had never heard of a fruit named orange. Sunsets had been golden red, iron yellow, copper, apricot, or the colour of a nymph warming herself under the sun. But then suddenly everything appeared to be brighter. More radical. Brides approached the altar carrying bouquets of fleurs d'orange to advertise their innocence and, therefore, decisiveness. Maps started to be changed. Cunning William of Orange has come to the princedom of Orange. The Orange dynasty was born, then Irish, Dutch, and Ukrainian followers of orange appeared. Edison set up a factory in Orange, New Jersey. The Orange River has started its flowing in South Africa, surrounded by the plains of Kalahari and bush deserts. The Orange Free State has been formed.

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