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  • Mr Potato and Mr Orange are having a drink. Small talk, big talk, you know. Philosophy and other stuff.
    Mr Potato:
    - Tell me, orange boy, is there any justice at all?
    - What do you mean?
    - Well. Me, for example, ok? I am saying as it is – I feed the country, ok? I mean.. I am.. you know, I am - wow! Wow am I!
    - OK, I agree, so what?
    - So what? So tell me, is there any, you know.. Where is it? You've been always doing this and doing that, always, you know. And what you get? What do you get in the end, i'm asking you?!
    - In the end.. Yes. I see. I know what you get in the end. (sigh)
    - This is exactly my point.
    Silence continues, friends think about something. Mr Potato pours one more little glass to each other, groans, and then starts again.
    - So, tell me, where is the justice? Where? I always.. always.. And what??
    - What?
    - Fuck! OK, let's put it in this way: what do you personally do for the common good?
    Mr Orange finally understands his friend's point. And is really, seriously offended.
    - What do you mean exactly? And what about vitamines then?!
    - Fuck vitamins! Vitamins are shit! And where do you live? Some fucking southern lands. While I live here! Here! Not in some bloody south. And I feed. Do you understand? I do feed people! I am the basics, the grass-roots! And who are you? Just some entertainment, orange shit. 'Vitamines', oh my God..
    Mr Orange even chokes over. And, being extremely offended, is going to start fighting, but then is calming down.
    Just bitterly says:
    - You are wrong, my friend.
    Mr Potato looks at him and understands that his words have offended Mr Orange. And calmly says:
    - Well, OK. The end is always the same anyway. In some box, you know. The same.
    - Yeah, the end is the same.
    And both friends smile.

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